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Our services areas.

We build with the objective of leaving our customers satisfied.

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC prove us as a reliable and safe electric company.

Freedom Electric has been serving in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. areas since its inception in 2018. Combined among three locations we proudly employ more than 100 highly qualified, trained and motivated craftsmen.  always under the laws dictated and required by each state



The state has a strong electrical grid that is reliable and efficient. Maryland also has a number of experienced and qualified electricians who can handle a wide range of electrical projects, 50% of our projects in development are here.

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The electric work in Virginia is very important. Virginia is a state that is committed to clean energy, and electric work is a key part of that effort. Electric work helps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to improve our air quality. It also creates jobs and helps to grow the economy.  the electric work that is being done in Virginia is making a positive impact on the state and on the country as a whole.

Washinton D.C.

The electric work in Washington, DC is generally good. The city has a strong electrical infrastructure, and the electric companies do a good job of keeping high quality in projects terminated. The city has plans to promote renewable energy by installing solar panels on government buildings and offering tax breaks for homeowners who install solar panels.

Our services in the DMV...

A good electrical installation in Maryland, Virginia and Washinton DC  would be one that is safe, efficient, and meets all applicable codes and standards. It would be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician, and all permits and inspections would be completed.

Freedom Electric Contractor  focuses on compliance and adaptation to the Code established by each city in which we run residential and commercial projects.

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